Cloud-based Compliance Recording & Intelligence

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Microsoft 365 Certified

IXCloud is a secure, fully managed native cloud compliance recording solution-as-a-service for Teams

IXCloud stands out as the premier cloud native capture solution, offering global accessibility and swift deployment.

As a fully managed Azure Software-as-a-Service interaction recording solution, IXCloud is designed to natively capture, store, and analyze interactions in the cloud, ensuring compliance and minimizing liability. Its automation, control, and customization features enhance convenience, providing flexibility in an easily deployable solution. IXCloud is certified for Microsoft Teams.

What makes IXCloud unique?

  1. Cloud Native Core: We introduce a recording engine, uniquely architected from its core for Microsoft Teams recording, eliminating the need for physical or virtual hardware.

  2. Compliance: IXCloud adheres to GDPR, MiFID II, HIPAA and other standards, incorporating built-in recording notifications and robust 256-Bit AES encryption.

  3. Hassle-Free: Enjoy a seamless experience with no server management or maintenance required within your organization.

  4. Quick Deployment: Provision a recording endpoint within minutes, allowing you to promptly safeguard and analyze your interactions.

  5. Robust Rules Engine: Allows users to record what they choose to record, without restrictions. It enables filtering of recordings based on call scenario, call direction, meeting participant, call queues, keywords in meeting invites, and other criteria.

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