Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition

Видавець: Ocuco Ltd

Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition is the next generation of eyecare software for the optical industry.

Omnichannel-native practice management software for the eyecare industry.

Enable a seamless and consistent online and in-person eyecare experience across all channels. Acuitas 3 is a unified framework that supports appointment booking, purchasing, payment, communication, and interaction online or in-store. A single view of the customer, a single view of your business.

Features Include:

Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition includes intuitive and integrated point-of-sale functionality for a consistent customer experience both online and in-store. Empower your staff to build customer loyalty and increase sales revenue.

All patient data is securely stored, meeting legal requirements such as HIPAA. Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition is ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certified, ensuring that your data remains secure.

Power BI Analytics
Embedded dashboards and analytics ensure immediate access to the information you require in real-time for informed leadership and decision-making.

Leveraging Ocuco’s Lab Management System, Innovations; Acuitas 3 offers an unparalleled lab integration and product design processes. Acuitas’ real-time validation check automatically confirms whether specific frames and lenses can be made as a complete pair, reducing remakes exponentially.

Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition provides a single view of your business, allowing the integration of both online and in-store touchpoints, enabling a seamless online check-out experience for both one-off and subscription purchases.

Appointment Scheduling
Retain full control and visibility of online and in-store bookings centrally using Acuitas 3. Configure various appointment types using Acuitas’ customizable exam templates, tailored to optimize appointment availability.

Access Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition on any device anytime, anywhere, removing the need for extensive hardware operating system requirements.


Manage your optical business within a single platform, delivering visibility and control across both online and in-store channels. Ensure a consistent experience for your patients no matter how they choose to interact with your business.


Conveniently track patient interactions and manage recalls and direct marketing campaigns across multiple channels, centrally using Acuitas 3 OmniChannel Edition.

Labor Scheduling

Ensure sufficient staff coverage across your organization using Acuitas 3’s extensive labor scheduling capabilities, which include pre-configured templates at an enterprise level.


Simplify optical merchandising with Planogram, Acuitas 3’s product management add-on tool. Streamline optical merchandising with features such as the product scheduler and automated sorting.

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