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Turn your business data into smart apps instantly

Open as App

Easily turn your data into interactive apps - calculation tools, dashboards, reports, surveys or list apps. Based on data from Excel, other spreadsheet tools or any SaaS/database your apps are created automatically and will be instantly available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Web, Windows 10). This will make working with spreadsheets, databases and lists much easier and more productive.

Special about Open as App

  • Native app creation with high functionality
  • Logic inside - calculations, formulas etc. are automatically recognized and transferred to your app
  • Easy app publishing and sharing with special App Client

Create smart, interactive apps instantly – without coding

  • Always up-to-date dashboards/report apps
    Charts are automatically transferred from your system into your app.
  • Interactive calculation and planning tools
    Your calculations and formulas will be recognized and available for interactive use in your app.
  • Smart list apps
    Display contacts, services, products, trainings, inventories and more in different list views - including automated evaluated in a dynamic dashboard.

Use or adopt apps from the App Catalog

  • Ready-to-use apps
  • Templates for apps with your own data
  • Many categories: finance, sales, marketing, logistics etc.

At a glance - share and manage your apps easily

1) Select your data, choose a data source or pick a template from our catalog 2) Choose the app type: list, map, dashboard, calculation or survey 3) Design your app 4) Create and share your app via App Client 5) Manage your apps and their users in the App Portal

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