Tineri App

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Mobile itinerary app for Tour Operators

Tineri allows tour operators, DMCs and travel agents to provide their clients with a stylish, engaging and user-friendly mobile app that brings itineraries to life, makes communication and feedback easier, and provides an enhanced travel experience. The app puts the whole trip onto one easy-to-navigate screen, giving end users (travellers) quick access to their itinerary, travel documents, contacts, messages, images and more. Tineri's intuitive and easy to use CMS enables your staff to easily create itineraries and bookings personalised for your clients and containing their itinerary, travel documents and all the information they’ll need to get the most from their trip. Tour operators can connect to the app through a web based content management system (CMS) or, with the Enterprise version, by pushing itineraries directly from their reservations system. The immediate benefits of Tineri are a reduction of paperwork, labour and resource cost, which result in an improved efficiency of operations. Tineri provides travel companies with an instant and intimate way to keep the conversation going with customers before, during and after a trip, whether it’s delivering key information, offering additional services, requesting feedback, or sending new products alerts. In addition, the app provides all the information and help that travellers need at the touch of a button, including destination information, language translation, currency conversion and weather forecasts. Tineri also makes it easier for travel companies to sell additional services during their clients' trip, and facilitates customer retention/repeat booking.

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