Optelos Enterprise Asset Advisor

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Enabling Better Decisions through the Power of Visual Data and AI

Optelos Enterprise Asset Advisor is a unified SaaS platform, combining visual data management, visualization, digital twins and integrated AI computer vision, to create new insights and deliver better business outcomes as part of any asset management initiative

Industrial manufacturers, oil & gas and energy companies, telecom providers, or any company with complex assets that need to be managed, maintained and inspected, can benefit from the Optelos visual asset management platform. Reduce costs and realize new insights across many operational areas through the power of visual data and computer vision AI. 

Together with Azure, Optelos delivers significant benefits to an organization's Enterprise Asset Management strategy

Robust Data Management and Collaboration 

  • Elegantly organize, store, share, search, annotate, and tag large visual data files
Optimized Visualization and Aggregation
  • Create reality based digital twins to easily solve complex problems and perform wide range of highly accurate measurements
Rapid and Automated Resolution through AI
  • Identify issues and speed resolution through AI computer vision on collected data
Simple Systems Integration
  • Easily integrate  with Teams, Dynamics, trouble ticketing, dispatch, inventory and other EAM systems to provide sustainable results

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