ORTEC Packing and Loading

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Advanced 3D Packing and Load Optimization for Shipping and Transportation

For most companies in manufacturing, retail and transportation, logistics costs have a considerable impact on profitability. Transportation and logistics-related costs, as a percentage of sales, range from 9% to 14% depending on the industry. Optimized packing and loading can lead to improved fill rates, carrier selection and/or means of transport, helping you reduce logistics costs.

Using the most advanced algorithms available in the market, our software provides optimized packing and loading proposals for cartons, pallets, trucks and containers, enabling you to streamline your shipping and transport activities. It provides results in seconds and with detailed graphic instructions for your warehouse and shipping operations.

Improve loads for inbound transportation, internal movements and customer shipments to unveil opportunities for logistics optimization - from faster processing times to reduced transport units. Companies using our packing and load optimization solution see numerous benefits. 

  • Better fill rate - Up to 7% improvement in shipping and transport asset utilization 
  • Less planning time - Up to 70% reduction in planning times, compared to manual planning 
  • Lower risk of damage - Prevent damage to goods with an improved load fit 
  • More customer satisfaction - Streamline transport to drive customer happiness

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