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Centralized digital community platform that efficiently connects organizations, workforce and tools


A centralized, SaaS based and content-driven digital community platform that efficiently connects the right organizations, workforce, resources and tools for continuous business growth and innovation with robust analytics.


  1. BizLigo offers Event Management as a built-in platform. You can integrate any collaboration platform such as Zoom/Teams/GoToMeeting etc to host an event via BizLigo
  2. BizLigo also offers flexible membership tiers that can be set by the administrator.
  3. Using a single creator login, BizLigo can facilitate creation of multiple pages/communities with different membership plan.
  4. BizLigo offers analytics to membership, events and its associated revenue generation.
  5. BizLigo supports many payment gateways.
  6. BizLigo can offer Role Based Access Controls(RBAC) to different pages.
  7. BizLigo comes with a mobile application on iOS and Android devices with messaging capability.
  8. The BizLigo support teams follows the sun model for support. We have a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager for every customer. Incidents have SLA’s and are tracked by an Incident tool.

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