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All your data sources brought together. Simple as that.

Take control of your product data

With Perfion, you can easily manage product data across languages and channels, enabling you to focus on your core tasks and give your customers an excellent buying experience. Perfion PIM integrates seamlessly into your existing IT landscape and ties all your data sources together – which means that every person in your organization always has up-to-date product data at their fingertips.

Perfion is your “Single Source of Truth” for all product information

Perfion is a 100% standard system for Product Information Management (PIM).

With Perfion, you can:

  • Quickly and easily manage all your product data – text, images, video, audio, files etc.
  • Manage all characters of all languages, including e.g. Thai, Chinese and Russian.
  • Publish and maintain product data across all your channels simultaneously – from website to e-commerce, apps, supplier portals, social media, data sheets and catalogs.
  • Seamlessly integrate product information management with your existing IT landscape, including e-commerce platforms and all standard ERP systems. Out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP (NAV/AX/D365) and SAP.
  • Multi-channel marketing made easy
    Publishing data simultaneously across multiple channels is your fond farewell to worrying about invalid or outdated product data. Now you can dedicate your time and energy to delivering an extraordinary brand experience for your customers.

    Keeping information up-to-date with Perfion PIM is…

    Perfion PIM finally makes it easy to efficiently manage huge amounts of product information. Information shared by many different products is maintained via a hierarchy of shared data, making it simple to reliably keep all your product information up to date.

    Perfion PIM is developed by users for users. If you are familiar with Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, Word and Outlook, you will master Perfion in no time.

    Built-in security features ensure that only users with sufficient rights can edit information relevant to their area of responsibility.

    Quick implementation
    Perfion PIM is a 100% standard application that can be quickly configured to meet your needs and requirements. All existing data can be easily imported from Microsoft Excel and other programs.

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