PhaseZero Ventures

Enterprise B2B and B2C digital commerce solution

PhaseZero CxCommerce is a globally networked E-Commerce and Customer Experience Platform. PhaseZero CxCommerce is a digitally connects your customers, employees, and partners to deliver real-time E-Commerce and a comprehensive customer experience globally. PhaseZero is a Cloud 2.0 B2B and B2C e-commerce software company and a trusted digital business partner for automotive, industrial manufacturing, consumer products, chemical product, high Technology, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. PhaseZero's powerful digital commerce platform, CxCommerce™, accelerates your digital sales through an enhanced customer experience backed by Silicon Valley expertise and cutting-edge technologies. PhaseZero CxCommerce™ can launch your new digital business quickly with an average "Time to First Order" of four to six weeks. Learn more at