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One-Stop Data Labeling Platform for AI

Playment is a complete data labeling solution offering high quality labeled datasets to train and validate your computer vision models. We’re helping enterprises and AI startups like Daimler, Continental, Samsung, Nuro, Vayavision, ZF, Hella, and more focus on their core areas of development. Support Annotation types: 1. Bounding Boxes 2. Cuboids 3. Polygons 4. Polylines 5. Point annotations 6. Semantic Segmentation 7. Video annotation, and 8. Sensor fusion annotation(for Cuboids & Segmentation). Use cases we worked on: Autonomous vehicles, Fashion, Retail, AR/VR, Robotics, Construction, Precision agriculture and more. We offer two different operating models: 1. Fully managed solution: Playment offers end-to-end labeling project management and delivers labeled datasets. 2. Tool-as-a-service: We provide our platform on private cloud deployments.

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