Autodesk Vault & Inventor Business Central Integration


Integrate Vault, Inventor and Autocad with Business Central to transfer Item and Bill of Materials

AV2ERP enables the automatic transfer of Items and Bills of Materials from Autodesk Vault or Inventor. This integration facilitates the on-demand or workflow approval-based transfer of Item and BOM information from Autodesk Vault to Business Central. Leveraging the ERP data view, users can compare Autodesk Vault/Inventor BOMs with Business Central BOMs. Additionally, the integration supports preview pushing, creation of item attributes, and link creation. Advanced functionalities, such as uploading PDF drawings to SharePoint and embedding the URL in Business Central, are also supported. The system efficiently handles large bills of materials, ensuring real-time data updates. Moreover, the data transfer extends beyond Items and BOMs, allowing the creation of additional entities like Item variants and Routing information. The process supports advanced functionalities for pre-processing data before pushing it into Business Central. Two-way integration is also supported, allowing, for instance, the use of Business Central number sequences to create items or files in Vault/Inventor. Importing descriptions into Vault/Inventor from Business Central is also feasible. The integration even permits the addition of virtual components to Business Central BOMs during data transfer, enabling the incorporation of raw materials into piece part items. Users have control over which items can be overwritten during data transfer from Vault/Inventor to Business Central, providing flexibility in managing BOM updates.

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