Видавець: Preservica

Long-term active digital preservation and secure immediate access in a single application

The world's cultural, economic, social and political memory is at risk. Our mission is to protect it.

Protecting the world’s digital memory

Preservica provides digital preservation for unstructured content that needs to be kept safe, secure and readable long-term (10 years or more), or perhaps indefinitely. Preservica differs from standard archiving solutions by preserving readable and accessible versions of every file, carefully tagging each piece of content and migrating it to the latest file formats, during or post-ingest. This migration secures and protects important digital content for long-term organisational use. Preservica is available on Azure as a private cloud offering.

With the explosion of digital information, every organization needs or wants to keep significant amounts of information for 10 years or more, for a wide range of important reasons including:

  • Unlocking value to drive innovation and competitive advantage
  • Mitigating risk by meeting compliance, regulatory and legal needs
  • Protecting intellectual property, licences and patents
  • Maintaining records of good corporate or institutional governance
  • Preserving and sharing content of unique cultural or brand importance

With over 200 customers worldwide, our cloud-hosted and on-premise active digital preservation software is trusted by a rapidly growing customer base of organizations - from major corporations, to government bodies, and iconic cultural institutions - including HSBC, AP, BT, Yale, MoMA, 20 US state archives and 15 national and pan-national archives.

A decade of innovation and expertise

Our award-winning active digital preservation software draws on over a decade of ground-breaking research and collaboration with leading national archives and the wider preservation community - from developing the DROID file identification tool to shaping the standards and tools for digital preservation. We work closely with leading industry bodies – including the IGI, ARA, IRMS, ARMA, CoSA, NAGARA, DPC and AIIM - on joint education and advocacy to highlight the value of properly governing long-term digital information.

Leaders in active digital preservation

Ensuring the accessibility and authenticity of digital information over successive technology cycles and custodians requires a different approach to traditional backup, archiving, storage and content management. Preservica’s standards-based (OAIS ISO 14721) active preservation software combines all the critical capabilities of successful long-term digital preservation into a single integrated platform. It keeps content safely stored, makes sure it can be found and trusted, provides secure immediate access, and automatically updates files to future-friendly formats.

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