PrevisionIO Cloud AI Platform

Видавець: is the next generation of AI SaaS platform - The next generation AI SaaS Platform is a new generation of machine learning platform that generate powerful predictable, explainable and monitored models. This solution uses companies data but also external data to answer problems around forecasting, classification, natural language (text) but also vision (images, video..) in order to help banks, insurance, healthcare, energy companies in their decision provide a Studio for Citizen Data Scientists that runs on Microsoft Azure to build models and analyze them, and on a Store to consume predictions and monitor models as well as complete visual applications.

Features :
- AutoML engine (Automatic feature engineering, hyperparam, building models)
- Data storage for companies date and thousands of external data sources
- DAG and complete cycle of knowledge on models building
- Strong explainabiliy module
- Versionning and monitoring of all models with real time benchmarks
- Images and video recognition
- Developpers environnement in Notebook, R Studio with all frameworks
- Integration of Github for one click launch
- Quantum Ready with QML module for scripting

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