Prosperoware CAM for Teams

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Provision, classify, protect, move & minimize your data with CAM to mitigate privacy & cybersecurity

Prosperoware CAM allows clients in the legal, finance, banking, healthcare, and other project or relationship-based organizations to provision, classify, protect, move, and minimize their data. CAM empowers organizations to provision and govern data so end users can understand where to save their data and quickly locate it, while risk management teams can understand business context to set security and minimization policies.
CAM, integrates with multiple collaboration systems, including Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, OneNote, Planner), file shares, iManage, NetDocuments, HighQ, and more.
CAM offers capabilities to:
- Make it easy to provision Teams, Channels, workspaces, folders, & documents automatically or through a human workflow across systems. CAM connects to your source systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Practice Management, Time & Billing, and more, to create a unified directory with projects and relationships across collaboration systems.
- Classify data through rich custom metadata enabling easy content location for end users and understanding of context for risk management professionals. Set folder templates and standardize naming conventions to allow consistent security across projects and systems.
- Protect data by managing internal & external users and groups across systems, assigning relevant roles and granting or restricting permissions. Automatically apply Zero-Trust policies and protect data from loss by creating separate copies of documents. Set data protection policies by storing your documents in your own AWS or Azure cloud, while only storing document metadata and security to CAM – enabling you to conduct profile searches & download documents in case of an outage by using a One-Time Password (OTP).
- Effectively move data within & between collaboration systems to strengthen governance & respond to client requests.
- Minimize data you no longer need, mitigating security risks & reducing costs of storing unnecessary data. Set trigger-based disposition policies to ensure unnecessary documents are minimized.
CAM’s offering can be tailored based on your needs. We provide a standard licensing schema, from basic provisioning and classification, to fully leveraging data protection, movement, and minimization features. Organizations can license CAM for one system such as Microsoft Teams, or adding other systems, such as the Document Management System.
Through its features, CAM enables your organization to successfully streamline internal processes, create meaningful client experiences, and increase innovation and profitability.
Let CAM be the last mile solution so you can safely collaborate with confidence, not chaos!

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