Puzzel Microsoft Dynamics Integration

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Integrate MS Dynamics customer data and Puzzel contact centre information into a single agent view

Seamless Integration – Seamless Customer Service

Take full advantage of your Microsoft Dynamics solution and integrate it with Puzzel’s customer service solution. Puzzel provides agents with all the necessary tools to perform critical tasks within Microsoft Dynamics using a single interface.

Integrating Puzzel and Microsoft Dynamics removes the need for agents to switch between applications for reference or to perform tasks. Combining Puzzel with your CRM solution provides access to a complete contact centre solution with a powerful IVR system that enables you to enjoy features such as skill-based routing, call blending and call backs.

Build Customer Loyalty & Reduce Agent Frustration

Each time a customer calls your organisation, agents are presented with a Microsoft Dynamics customer record that contains information such as contact information, activity history and case notes, which allows a more engaging, personalized experience leading to greater customer satisfaction which equals increased customer loyalty.

One-time integration in the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Key Features and Benefits:

  • Instantly be presented with the latest, and accurate, customer related information for a more personalized response
  • Embedded call control capabilities means great management and productivity
  • Automatically log call information and populate relevant fields to save time
  • A single application view into customer data reduces agent frustration
  • Click to call from a customer record driving accuracy and productivity
  • Queue overview for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Presence management and agent status control provides real-time visibility of who is doing what for management purposes
  • Skill based routing means queries are not just answered by the first available agent but by the most qualified, first available agent

Clearer insight

Microsoft Dynamics integrated with Puzzel provides a clear view of customer interaction. An automatic call log for every call received and made in Microsoft Dynamics can be reviewed along with notes about the caller. Performance can be easily monitored through real-time reporting and easy-to-read dashboards helping to constantly improve efficiency.

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