Puzzel Microsoft Teams Integration

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Integrating Teams and Puzzel brings your agents closer together making collaboration easier

Bring your team closer together

Puzzel's integration with Microsoft Teams brings your agents closer together and makes collaboration easier. It’s perfect for remote and agile workforces, where contact centre staff rely on instant messaging to share knowledge, conduct meetings, seek advice and socialise.

Seamless Integration

Agents can make Teams calls, send messages, search for and transfer contacts all without having to leave the Puzzel Agent Application. This drives productivity, first call resolution and, ultimately, delivers  a better customer  (CX) and agent (AX) experience.

Presence Status

Users can see whether other agents are online, busy, away or in calls, as well as the presence statuses of all other colleagues across their organisation. This allows an immediate view of what resources are available in the front and back office environments.

Access Calendars

Agents can view contacts’ calendars and schedules in Teams to better align plans, meetings and calls. This allows customer expectations to be correctly set and met.

Why contact centres are integrating Microsoft Teams with Puzzel?

Reduces agent effort - No need for agents to switch between application windows while servicing customers.

Supports Hybrid Working - Keep teams and colleagues connected even when working remotely.

Drive first call resolution - Enable agents to chat and exchange advice in real-time to reduce handling time.

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