PwC Factory Intelligence

Видавець: PwC GmbH WPG (Germany)

PwC Factory Intelligence - A new perspective onto the company's effectiveness.

PwC offers consulting services based on PwC Factory Intelligence for your business. PwC Factory Intelligence acts as a central platform that connects all the data in the production process in a company and dynamically interconnects existing systems, working more effectively with new technologies such as IoT and Analytics. An example for data collected and processed by PwC Factory Intelligence is sensor data from machines that are analyzed to create pre-maintenance alert plans. In addition, integrated AI creates intelligent process chains and uses evaluated data for advanced analytics purposes. The software not only visualizes data from a production process but also develops potential production developments through data analysis. For example, this is the case if the predictive maintenance algorithm detects a problem and suggests early maintenance. PwC Factory Intelligence acts as a kind of orchestrator, ensuring end-to-end data transparency on the shop floor.

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