PortalTalk | Governance Solution for Teams

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PortalTalk | Trusted collaboration in Microsoft 365, Teams and SharePoint Online

PortalTalk allows your employees to flexibly collaborate in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 and to invite both colleagues and external parties to access the Team or workspace, while your IT-department stays in control of access rights and security. PortalTalk integrates seamlessly into your Microsoft 365 tenant and Teams applications. Existing workspaces can be imported into PortalTalk, where owners of the workspace can add and remove both in- and external users. With its reporting capabilities on Power BI, your IT and Security department are able to quickly gain insights in access rights to specific storage locations. The cloud application does not only provide a self-service layer to quickly create new workspaces and invite users to it, it also helps you to periodically evaluate if provided access is still valid by asking the responsible person within the organization. Collaborating in a flexible way is great, but revoking access is key. PortalTalk comes as an application into your Teams client as well as a set of SharePoint Webparts, to integrate deeply into your Microsoft 365 tenant. This will allow users to quickly navigate to their workspaces, such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites, all from one interface. Discover how PortalTalk improves the adoption and governance of your Office 365 environment. Get in touch with us!

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