Microsoft 365 Certified

Gamified quiz creation platform

Adopt powerful and fun assessment and evaluation process with QuizFlight.

QuizFlight lets you create a Quizzes with various options such: Cards, Multiple Options, Checkboxes, Free Text and more.

You can enrich your questions with Photo, Audio, Video, Formulas and more.

How the QuizFlight! app works:

  • Host a quiz: A host creates a quiz or flashcards directly inside Teams App and share game screen.

  • Pin in and play: Participants enter the game PIN directly within the app and submit answers in the QuizFlight.

Note: Participants don’t require a QuizFlight account.

  • Say goodbye to second screens: The entire experience happens directly within Teams, so there’s no need to open a web browser, share your screen, or play on a second device.

  • Save tons of time: The host and participants can send the QuizFlight app to everyone within the call in one click, meaning you can start a QuizFlight game quicker than ever.

QuizFlight is a gamified quiz platform which enables you to create interactive quizzes and flashcards easily!

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