Rebate Management Solution (RealRebate)

Видавець: Real Variable Digital Asset Services Inc.

Streamlining Complex Rebate settlement process between Distributor, GPO & Manufacturer

Real Variable is a Blockchain powered SCM platform & solutions company established in 2017 with operations in India & USA.

Industry Challenges:
1. Complex Contract Administration between medical manufacturer; GPO; GPO members and distributors for adjudication, rebate payments between parties.
2. Disparate information silos about pricing and contracts.
3. Current rebate settlement TAT is 50 days which could be potentially lowered.

Solution: RealRebate: Complex Rebate Management process simplification between GPO, Manufacturer and Medical Distributor through Blockchain technology and smart contracts

Business Benefits:
1. Smart Contracts: Pricing & other contract terms automation with multiple medical manufacturers & GPO’s & GPO members,
2. Approval Based Sales: GPO purchases & sales tracker with approvals from manufacturers on a real or near time
3. Document Management: Rebate claims with auto reconciliation ledgers with supporting documents & approvals

Value Proposition: Rebate settlement TAT reduced from 50 to 25 days

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