Refactr: Radically simple DevSecOps Platform


Supporting your existing DevOps tools & collaboration across the DevSecOps lifecycle

The IT industry is experiencing rapid digital transformation driven by public cloud adoption. Organizations are keeping pace with the speed of modern infrastructure and application delivery by replacing hardware-driven models with agile software-defined solutions. But most organizations lag on cloud adoption because of a talent shortage and restrictions on automation. Consequently, automation is siloed and tasks are deployed manually, causing many teams to forego the cloud's benefits.

Refactr helps organizations jumpstart their race to IT-as-Code by introducing the latest automation techniques in DevSecOps. The platform is an all-in-one tool for designing and executing secure automation pipelines that include infrastructure delivery, application configuration, and security actions. With nearly zero setup, DevSecOps teams can create repeatable, software-defined, and secure automation pipelines that are executed with a few clicks or through automation triggers.

Refactr's pipelines form an orchestration layer sitting atop existing DevSecOps tools. Use existing automation content from the app or pull from version control. Use the drag-and-drop builder or edit the YAML directly. Pipelines can run on your own infrastructure or in our secure, cloud-hosted runner environments.

  • Repeatable solutions 
  • Bridge talent shortage
  • Gain business agility
  • Universal tool compatibility
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Fortify against security risks
  • Meet compliance goals

  • Who are the ideal users? - DevSecOps, DevOps, and cybersecurity engineers
  • What are the key features? - No-code/low-code UI; catalog of prebuilt cybersecurity vendor pipelines; ongoing support for opensource tools; grows with your workflows; full-featured API; designed for collaboration; access control; run history with detailed output and error handling
  • What tools are supported? -  AWS Cloud Formation; Azure ARM Template; Git; Google Deployment Manager; Hashicorp Terraform; Kubernetes API; Node JS, Powershell, Python and Shell Scripts; and many more.

Evaluate Refactr Platform:
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