Refresh Insight PC

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End to end Windows 10 deployment and lifecycle

Refresh Insight PC software will deliver an end to end Windows 10 deployment and continuous upgrade automation including assessment, batch&schedule, end user self-service and communication plan rollout, orchestration of upgrades and updates.

Key benefits :

  • Reduce Windows 10 deployment deadlines and cost by rapidely providing IT with eligibilty assessment (hardware and software)
  • Secure deployment deadlines by industrialising each key step of the project (eligibility, scheduling, communication roll out, deployment capacity and timeslots)
  • Increase end user experience through a self service portal allowing every employee to check and schedule Windows 10 deployment roll out
  • Enable businesses to manage the lifecycle of their applications through an application owner portal, allowing each business to validate the eligibility of their application prior to a full scale roll out of Windows 10 and subsequent versions

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