RoboGate IoT Gateway

Видавець: Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH

Solution includes OPC UA, RFC 1006, MODBUS and MQTT

This application is available in English & German.

Software, Hardware, technological and industrial know-how in one device.

RoboGate is our innovative IoT field gateway solution that combines both the hardware and software. Tailored to fit modern industrial standards, the RoboGate addresses scenarios and application fields such as retrofitting machines, energy efficiency and condition monitoring during production. Using an edge computing approach, RoboGate facilitates the reduction of data traffic and enhances decision-making by integrating data from heterogeneous systems.

Outstanding performance features of our IoT field gateway solution:

  • The design for the switchboard - extremely compact dimensions
  • The connectivity of diverse interfaces leads to maximum flexibility
  • The operational capability for 24/7 usage on your system and the long uptime of the devices
  • Debian based operating system and the use of lean software modules
  • Extendibility through hardware modules via the backplane bus
  • Affordable pricing via a single package comprising hardware, software and support

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