Price and Promotion Manager

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Price & Promotion Manager enables AI powered price and promotion optimization for enterprise retail

Price and Promotion Manager allows merchants and supply chain professionals to take a holistic approach to integrated forecasting and replenishment. We enable non-technical business users to harness the power of AI to intelligently automate decision making across the forecasting lifecycle. As an end-to-end solution, we help merchants better understand what products to promote, to how much inventory to stock at a store level to fulfill demand. Our retail-centric approach to product development applies novel solutions to more accurately forecast demand, and seamlessly integrate with execution systems.

Our three modules address all aspects of the planning and execution stages:


Learn From the Effectiveness of Past Performance & Generate Recommendations

  • Consolidated view of past product performance
  • Gain instant insight into price elasticity, uplift potential, contribution and importance to category
  • Leverage a recommendation framework to guide future planning activities
  • If applicable, overlay customer-centric data with mass promotion measurement – learn how different customer segments behave


Simulate expected promotion performance & Build Experimental Promotions Directly in UI

  • Simulate expected performance incorporating complex variables prior to committing to a forecast
  • Generates key financial metrics
  • Enables and encourages data-driven decision making and optimal planning
  • Generates early forecast, which can be used for planning purposes


Integrate Machine Learning Into the Forecasting Process

  • Allows non-technical business users to harness the power of RK’s Machine Learning forecasting engine
  • Self serve and fully integrated with supply chain processes
  • Granularity by week, store, item and various promotion types and mechanics
  • Machine learning engine continuously improves with more data

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