Emigo Retail

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Innovative B2B ordering, marketing and communication platform between producers and retailers.

Our cloud-based B2B e-marketplace and commerce platform enables manufacturers and distributors to share their product offers online with points of sales. Works fine in pharmacies and FMCG market as well.
Emigo Retail shares the vision of "1 login, 1 basket, multi-bidders / deliverers" and is available as multi-tenant online service or as a single tenant dedicated platform.

It focuses on the end user of the retailer and in multi-tenant version it gives him access to offers from different bidders with one login and one basket. Thanks to integration with wholesalers the user creates multi-supplier-basket seamlessly. Finally, user sends all orders (each to different supplier) with one click.

Emigo Retail combines features of an online store and a product-base knowledge and communication platform. It contains also an engine for a running a B2B loyalty program for PoS.

By using Emigo Retail, producers can directly reach retailers with their offers and marketing communication. What is important they can gather feedback to messages posted in the platform in form of likes and comments. And it is deeply integrated with Sales Reps using Emigo and wholesalers who are receiving orders and giving back information about delivery.

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