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Managing same-day rule changes using intuitive no-code tools to speed time to market.

Sapiens Decision drives process automation and digital transformation in the enterprise through end-to-end business logic management capabilities. The product suite spans capabilities ranging from legacy code extraction to decision modeling, with no code tools, and deployment through Decision-as-a-Service.

The Sapiens Decision advantage

Decision logic reflects your business policies, regulations, and operating procedures. It’s this logic, integrated with AI models and enterprise systems, that needs to stay current…otherwise you’re stuck behind the competition. Sapiens Decision eliminates the backlog for logic updates and operationalizes decision inputs from any source, including ML models, to accelerate your business agility.

How does it work?

1.Sapiens Decision externalizes decision logic associated with complex decisions and makes it faster and more cost efficient to manage.
2.Users create models to deconstruct decisions. Models are easily updated, tested and deployed rapidly via API
3.Decision models can be developed to enable high value use cases across the enterprise.

Sapiens Decision Benefits

•Speed - Decoupled from the IT lifecycle, faster update cycles drive faster time to market
•Transparency - Decisions are more visible and fully auditable, ML models are less opaque
•Accuracy - Methodology based approach with auto-validation and testing ensures error free performant code
•Transformation - Enables non- technical business users and support for self-service models
•Easy to use -Intuitive no code tools enhanced with GenAI and drag and drop UI

Get started with Sapiens Decision

1.Contact us at to set up a short discovery call
2.Set up a 30-day pilot to help you evaluate the product and capability for your organization
3.Request access to Sapiens University to receive micro-trainings on how to use the product
4.Request a reference call with one of our existing customers

Sapiens Decision is used by major corporations in banking, insurance, retail, and public sector. Four of the five largest US banks use Sapiens Decision. Learn more at

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