Sapiens UnderwritingPro

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A web-based solution for Automated Underwriting

Introducing Sapiens UnderwritingPro
Sapiens UnderwritingPro (formerly known as
“StoneRiver LifeSuite”) is an award-winning, web-based
solution for automated underwriting and new business
case management. UnderwritingPro streamlines
underwriting case flow, speeding up and improving
the entire new business process for carriers and their
distribution channels.
An impressive user experience is achieved via
UnderwritingPro. While the system provides the most
efficient and consistent solution, carrier staff can
customize system features and underwriting rules
to fit business needs and make informed underwriting
Key Benefits
This offering is:
• Enterprise proven and scalable for organizations
of all sizes
• Flexible and highly configurable for quick rollout
of new products and system changes
• Easy to integrate with requirements vendors (ACORD XML
standards) and the use of Web services provides seamless
integration with third-party and back-office systems
• Sapiens’ financial strength, large client base, and
knowledgeable staff (with real-world carrier experience)
generate best practices and peace of mind
UnderwritingPro provides:
• Straight-through processing for eligible cases
• Equal success for simplified issue and fully underwritten
• Case management dashboard – real-time updates
• Integrated user-configurable rules engine
• Automated requirements processing
• Reduction of unnecessary and duplicate orders
• Fewer not-taken cases
• Compliance with ACORD XML
• Highly configurable platform

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