ScaleOut StateServer & ScaleOut StreamServer

ScaleOut Software, Inc.

Cache and/or analyze fast-changing data in a scalable in-memory data grid

ScaleOut Software’s suite of in-memory data grid products let you cache and analyze fast-changing or streaming data within your Azure applications:

  • ScaleOut StateServer® provides a highly scalable, battle-tested in-memory data grid and distributed cache with a rich set of features and industry-leading ease of use. It stores data objects in memory for fast access and transparently scales as an elastic cluster of VM instances in the Azure cloud.
  • ScaleOut StateServer® Pro adds an in-memory compute engine to the grid so that you can analyze live data in parallel using built-in APIs such as MapReduce. This lets applications detect patterns and trends within fast-changing data in real time and provide immediate feedback — operational intelligence.
  • ScaleOut StreamServer® enables stateful stream processing on incoming events for much deeper introspection and more effective alerting than previously possible. Its integrated in-memory data grid and stream-processing engine enables applications to build "digital twin" models for millions of data-sources. This product includes all of the capabilities of ScaleOut StateServer Pro.

Any application that manages fast-changing data and needs to be able to access it and/or analyze it with minimum delay can benefit from an in-memory data grid. Whether storing ecommerce shopping carts, airline reservations, IoT telemetry, or stock ticker prices, in-memory data grids offer a powerful tool for capturing real-time data quickly and enabling it to be immediately analyzed.

To handle large workloads, ScaleOut Software’s in-memory data grid is designed to transparently scale by adding VM instances as needed. This keeps processing time fast as the workload grows, and it takes full advantage of the Azure cloud’s built-in elasticity.

Built-in high availability ensures that processing continues if a VM goes offline for any reason. Unlike some popular distributed caches, which only make a best effort to capture the latest updates after a failure occurs, ScaleOut Software’s in-memory data grid uses a strong consistency model and patented, quorum-based replication to ensure that applications always have the latest updates to mission-critical data.

ScaleOut’s in-memory computing engine adds capabilities for analytics and stream processing not found in other distributed caches or in-memory data grids. Integrated MapReduce enables fast-changing data to be categorized and analyzed in parallel – fast. Breakthrough support for stateful stream processing using the “digital twin” model lets applications evaluate and update the state of data-sources with each incoming event and immediately identify important trends that require attention.