Fleet Telematics & Fleet Management

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A full end-to-end fleet telematics and fleet management solution for large and small fleets.

Fleet telematics solution for companies that want to improve the efficiency of their fleet vehicles, reduce costs, and protect their investment. Scope provides a comprehensive analytics driven fleet management solution focused on reducing vehicle, driver, and operational costs. Maintain regulatory compliance and provide operational transparency. Software and mobile apps can be white labeled.

Fleet Telematics Customers The typical fleet telematics customer is a company with a fleet of vehicles that they need to manage. A fleet could be as small as 10 vehicles up to thousands. The vehicles in a fleet come in all shapes and sizes. The customer need is to adopt a more innovative and technological solution to make the fleet run smoother. Adopting Scope's end-to-end fleet telematics solution allows them to add-on all the funcationality that they need, customized to their specific needs.

Typical Job Titles:
Fleet Operators, Companies with fleets, Financial Services & Insurance, Telco

Successful fleet-telematics implementations provide cost savings in a variety of ways.
- Operational awareness of fleet vehicles in real-time
- Scope's systems provide insights for fleet managers to make decisions on far faster than any manual process
- Automation of fleet management process' saves hundreds of working hours
- Fleet operational cost savings, reduced fuel costs, reduced repair costs
- The vehicles and drivers also see benifits from reduced accidents which keep the vehicles operational

Fleet Telematics Results
- Fuel savings as much as 67%
- 12% reduction in total miles driven from route optimization
- Reduction of vehicle idle time by 31%
- Increased vehicle usage efficiency
- Reduce maintenance costs 10-35%
- Reduction in CO2 emissions
- Reduce accidents by 32%
- Adheres to regulatory fleet compliance

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