Search365 Cognitive Process Automation

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Search365 CPA - AI Powered Business Process Automation

Search365 CPA, short for Cognitive Process Automation, leverages the most advanced in AI / NLP and ML methods for automating manually intensive and document driven processes.

The Search365 CPA solution is typically deployed as a trained operationalised model accessed by clients via an established API.

Examples of its application include an Insurance company who received circa 400,000 emails per month with attachments. Search365 configured and deployed Search365 CPA to automate the classification of emails and attachments into one of 30 subcategories used to route the information to the correct back end business process flow. This was achieved with >90% accuracy surpassing the former manual people driven classification process. Additionally, key data entities were extracted from the emails and documents allowing for automatic meta data capture and automation of records management processes. The results improved internal process efficiencies and accuracy reducing re-work, and ultimately improved customer response times.

Another example, for another client, was configuring and deploying Search365 CPA to apply a pipeline of advanced AI methods to firstly improve the quality and readability of scanned images of documents up to 100 years old.Once improved. key entities were extracted thus allowing the business to gain much deeper insight and accessibility to information previously locked inside documents.

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