Sectra One Cloud

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Enterprise imaging as a fully managed software as a service

Sectra One Cloud is a SaaS subscription specifically designed for enterprise imaging that includes all the tools needed for efficient and accurate diagnostic and clinical imaging. With Sectra One Cloud, you can consolidate imaging systems and access top-tier diagnostic capabilities across radiology, breast imaging, digital pathology, orthopedics, cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, and more.

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each healthcare system, Sectra One Cloud offers the freedom to choose packages that best fit your needs. Benefit from our fully managed service and future-proof approach with continuous upgrades and updates, providing new features and capabilities throughout your subscription, alongside our Best in KLAS-award winning support. Seamlessly capture, store, access, share, and collaborate on medical multimedia across the enterprise and beyond with Sectra One Cloud.

Engineered as a cloud-native solution, Sectra One Cloud is designed to meet the demands on uptime, performance, scalability, security, and compliance of large-scale enterprise imaging cloud services. With built-in geo-redundancy, high availability, and instant fail-over mechanisms, Sectra One Cloud ensures unparalleled uptime.

Experience the capabilities of Sectra One Cloud through our Best in KLAS-award winning enterprise imaging software, while leveraging the benefits of true cloud computing to empower your organization today and in the future.

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