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Accelerating a modern, sustainable manufacturing future.

Hi, we're Seeq, and we're a global leader in industrial advanced analytics and AI. Our SaaS platform - created by industry experts, for industry experts - is purpose-built for unlocking the insights hidden in time-series data. These insights are key to thriving in today's environment where you need to produce more, faster, with higher quality and lower cost, all while working toward critical sustainability targets.

The Seeq platform enables your subject matter experts and data scientists to access operational data in near real-time, and quickly leverage that data in hundreds of diagnostic, predictive, machine learning and monitoring use cases that deliver measurable ROI.

We work with many of the most recognizable names in Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Food & Beverage, and more to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Seeq's customers are improving their operations, enhancing profitability, and driving a more sustainable operational future.

With Seeq, your team will have the data they have craved for years right at their fingertips, and they'll be armed with the capabilities they need to develop the insights and innovate solutions that drive productivity gains, reduce costs, and inform sustainability programs.

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