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State of the art CMS to create and manage websites and content

Top tasks website
Visitors arrive at your website to perform a task or find information. Measure the most frequently performed tasks and information queries and present them on your homepage. Guide visitors to the right page within a few clicks and optimize your services.
A top task website is becoming increasingly popular with government institutions. For them, Seneca provides a top-office facility, government links and government-specific modules (GPDC, VAC, Digital counter, Announcements, CVDR). You start a website in a short time that complies with the most recent legislation and guidelines.

Calamity site
The calamity site runs parallel to a regular website. Int the occurrence of a crisis, the latest news can be published via the easy-to-use user interface; from the desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. The regular website is automatically replaced by the crisis information page at the first crisis publication. The CMS of the regular site is switched off, so that the environment can process the expected influx of internet traffic. Has the crisis ended? Then you make the regular website accessible again with a single check. Getting to know the emergency site? Feel free to contact us.

Event site
The Event Tool is indispensable for managing, administering, registering and communicating all your events. 24 hours a day you have an up-to-date overview of the number of participants, preferences and the 'buzz' around your event. Create a breeding ground for new ideas where participants can look up each other before, during and after the event and where they can network to their heart's content. Benefit from fully automatic participant registration and powerful e-mail communication. Get to know the event tool? Contact us for the brochure or a free demonstration.

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