Conductor for COVID-19

Sensei Labs

Manage COVID-19 response, business continuity, and accelerate post-crisis recovery.

The world is filled with uncertainty and doubt. Your response and recovery is dependent on how effectively you can work across geographies and teams who are all adapting to working from home and only interacting virtually. Conductor was built for those challenges, helping Fortune 500 firms globally to deliver transformations, procurement, M&A transactions, and large scale PMO initiatives. Take advantage of that toolkit for free, including:

  • Live Dashboards: track everything from project progress to team health
  • Project/Portfolio Management: gather all of your global COVID-19 projects together and collaborate in real-time across teams, silos, geographies, and time zones
  • News and Resources: access thought leadership, training materials, and news from our partners, delivered directly through Conductor
  • Playbooks and Templates: Conductor for COVID-19 is pre-configured with a sample showing how to quickly use the platform to manage your response and recovery.
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