Doxis Intelligent Content Automation

Видавець: SERgroup Holding International GmbH

The next level of ECM: An AI-powered platform designed to connect & automate enterprise-wide content

Connecting your company’s information and creating a shared content awareness are vital to boosting productivity, user experience, visibility into business, revenue opportunities, compliance and much more.
With Doxis Intelligent Content Automation (ICA), SER offers the next level of Enterprise Content Management (ECM): an AI-powered platform designed specifically to bridge and automate content across best-of-breed apps like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft and more to deliver a contextualized content experience and create a future-ready digital workplace.

Doxis Intelligent Content Automation in a nutshell:
  • Next-generation ECM
    Connects & manages content from best-of-breed systems & automates processes end-to-end.
  • Content Understanding
    Composable, embedded and contextual AI harness hidden insights and disseminate them to knowledge workers
  • Business Integrations
    Seamlessly connect with a wide range of leading business applications, such as SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, etc.
  • State-of-the-art Solution Suites
    Cloud-native solution bundles strategically cover the most crucial business areas and share insights:
    • Doxis Intelligent Purchase-to-Pay Automation
    • Doxis Content Bridge for SAP & Salesforce
    • Doxis Healthcare

Doxis Intelligent Content Automation Use Cases
Doxis covers a wide range of content services use cases and offers both general / horizontal and vertical solutions:
  • General/horizontal solutions
    Intelligent archiving, document management, workflow automation, contract management, information governance, invoice automation, quality management and many more.
  • Vertical solutions
    Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Logistics, Manufacturing sector, Public sector, Retail, Utilities
  • Custom Solutions
    In addition, our customers leverage the market-leading Doxis content services platform for custom applications that fit their needs.

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