ShawMan OLO!

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Web App for own food orders online, with pmt. gateway & delivery tech, also Swiggy & Zomato orders.

ShawMan OLO is designed to enable seamless flow of Food orders to the ShawMan POS through the Internal and External Channels. OLO was designed with the objective of promoting "Safe and Responsible Dining". Here are some of the product USPs:
  • On searching for the Restaurant in Google, the Restaurant Food Order link directly shows up in Google search.
  • With the Internal Channel like a Customer Webpage, the end Customer needs to be informed about the Webpage link and start ordering, easily done over the Desktop or Phone browser. Orders can also be taken over the phone.
  • ShawMan OLO is equipped to connect with Third-Party Apps such as Zomato, Swiggy and Scootsy.
  • All Orders are shown on one single “Order Management” screen making the managing of Orders easy seamless.
  • All Food Orders are shown segregated by their current Order Status, even as they progress from a “Pending” stage to the “Delivered” stage.
  • Keeping in line with the theme of “Safe and Responsible Dining”, OLO sends out an automated E-bill on the Customer's mobile / Email.
  • Customer data remains secure, since the entire Delivery process can be managed internally and does not need to be shared with any other Third-party Service provider.

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