Shoptimize India Pvt. Ltd.

Driving Brand eCommerce Globally

  1. Description: 

Shoptimize is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered, end-to-end eCommerce platform. We offer everything required to launch and grow an eCommerce store. Shoptimize is SaaS platform which configures (UI/UX), integrates payment gateway & logistics partner for your eCommerce store. 

  1. Type of user that benefits from the offer: 

Brands (B2C or B2C) who are looking to

  • Reduce impact of Marketplace dynamics, better business control

  • Better online margins

  • Leveraging market intelligence to increasingly attract and retain customers

  • Better Consumer Connect

  • No cannibalization of offline channels

  • Own customer journey and increase customer life time value

  1. Customer need or pain that the offer addresses:

  •  Lack of Brand eCommerce store

  •  No online brand visibility

  • Lack of quality traffic on website

  • Negligible online revenues 

  • Reducing dependency on offline sales channel

  • Digital marketing growth