GDPR Scanner for Messages, Attachments and Cloud Documents

Видавець: Sixtus Technologies ApS

Scans the content of your emails and marks them with categories that indicates a GDPR violation.

The Office 365 GDPR scanner reads all messages in Outlook and documents on OneDrive.

OneDrive holds all of the SharePoint sites as well as all Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents.

For the e-mail messages, the scanner:

  1. Reads and scans the message body and attachments for GDPR information.
  2. If a message contains any GDPR information, marks the message with a visible category:
    • GDPR for General, Demographic or Work information
    • GDPR Confidential for Legal and Financial Information
    • GDPR Sensitive for Health and Affiliation information.
  3. Updates a database with the identified GDPR issues.
  4. Offers user accessible web front-end with a detailed explanation of all GDPR issues.

For the documents in OneDrive, the same process takes place except that the scanner cannot assign a category as with e-mails. The result of the OneDrive scan are in the web report.

The scanner does not delete any messages or files. The transparency of the information allows the user to create delete lists.

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