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Seamless Document and Email Integration for SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive

Unlock seamless integration between your local Microsoft Office environment and SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive with O2S. Our solution simplifies document management, making it as easy as a click to move your work from Outlook to your digital workspace, enhancing productivity and maintaining the flow of your work processes.


  • Simplified Document Handling: Easily transfer emails and documents directly to SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive without leaving your Outlook interface.
  • Work Across Environments: Add multiple SharePoint Online/On-Premises environments to O2S, enabling a streamlined workflow with cloud, on-premise, and partner platforms.
  • Trusted by Leaders: Large companies like REWE have incorporated O2S into their IT ecosystem. As Alexander Wimmer, Head of IT Portal Systems at REWE, states, "With O2S, there is no longer any disconnect between Outlook and SharePoint, allowing SharePoint to be seamlessly integrated into the workflow."
  • Global Compatibility: Supports global installation and centralized deployment, allowing IT departments to configure settings and manage updates across the entire organization.


  • One-Click Uploads: Transfer documents and emails to your SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive with a single click.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Whether you're working on-premises or in the cloud, manage your documents across various SharePoint environments effectively.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design and user experience that minimizes the learning curve and helps users to integrate the solution into their daily workflow effortlessly.
  • Advanced Email Management: Simplify the process of storing and classifying emails and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint, enhancing document control and collaboration.


Experience how O2S can streamline your work by starting with our free trial. See firsthand how it seamlessly links Outlook with SharePoint, enhancing your daily workflow with efficiency.
  • For Administrators:
      1. Select Your Plan: Assess your needs and pick from the Small, Medium, or Large plans to match your user base. For enterprises seeking a licensing solution without user limitations, we provide a specialized enterprise version. To discuss an enterprise plan that's custom-tailored to your organization's unique needs—including support for an unlimited number of users and global deployment capabilities—please reach out to us at for a private offering.
      2. Purchase Through Microsoft: Complete your purchase process with your billing information in Microsoft AppSource.
      3. Activate Your License: After purchase, you'll receive an email from Microsoft with instructions to activate your license. This will direct you to our licensing portal at, where you will have to log in with your Microsoft account to finalize the activation process. This step is a necessary part of Microsoft's purchasing process. Please note, due to zero trust security policies, some organizations may require administrative permissions to allow account logins across different tenants. It's essential to ensure these permissions are in place to avoid any inconvenience during the finalization of your purchase.
      4. Within 24 hours of your purchase, a license key will be automatically generated and send to the contact email you provided.
      5. Administrate Your License: Your license details and invoice will be accessible at under 'Licensing.'
  • For Non-Admin Users: Interested in licensing? Contact your administrator or IT department and share the benefits of O2S to get started.


O2S currently utilizes the COM-Addin model to provide a robust and feature-rich experience that the newer Add-In models from Microsoft don't yet fully support. We're committed to keeping our technology cutting-edge and will transition to the latest Add-In model as soon as Microsoft extends the necessary APIs to meet our users' expectations.

Transform the way you work today with O2S. Visit our website at to start your journey towards seamless digital integration.

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