SolveXia Finance Automation Platform


Financial Process Automation - data preparation, reconciliation, workflow, reporting, analytics

SolveXia empowers Finance and Accounting by significantly reducing the time and effort needed to combine, reconcile, map and analyze data.  The SolveXia digital work platform combines business process automation, data management and workflow into an end-to-end solution, running on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

To streamline and automate critical processes across finance, SolveXia:

  • Easily and quickly migrates Excel-based workloads to our Azure-based cloud platform
  • Augments these processes, leveraging Azure's scalable technology to make them smarter, faster, and better connected
  • Enhances the governance of processes through auditor-ready process documentation and Azure's enterprise-grade security and compliance features

SolveXia sits at the intersection of Excel - the most widely used analytics and data processing tool across the enterprise - and Azure - the most sophisticated and fastest-growing cloud platform in the world.   We provide a fast, simple, no/low-code solution that Finance and Accounting staff can understand, maintain and manage.  This empowers our customers to achieve results like:

  • Shortening the time to complete reconciliations for financial close by 94%
  • Running critical revenue forecast models 20x faster
  • Eliminating 1 full FTE of work for monthly rebate and commission calculations
  • Transforming compliance and statutory reporting through instantly converting Excel to XBRL templates for automated submissions to the regulators

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