Digital ID-card

Видавець: Sphereon B.V.

Issue digital ID-cards that are secure, revocable and preserving the privacy of the user's data.

This solution has been developed in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security to make managing and verification of an identity easier and more secure for everybody.

The solution leverages Microsoft ION Decentralized Identifiers and W3C Verifiable Credentials to provide trust in verification and to protect the user's privacy.

The digital ID-card offers important advantages:

  • Much more efficient - digital card publishing and management is secure and much less time consuming.

  • Less susceptible to fraud - unlike a physical card, this digital card cannot be tampered with and easily be suspended or revoked in the event of loss or theft.

  • Better privacy protection - the physical card usually contains personal information, such as the full name, date of birth and sometimes even a personal identity number. Information that can be misused by malicious people. With the digital card, this data is only shared selectively.

  • Much more flexibility - purpose, period, place, space, function, of the digital pass can be adjusted online.

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