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Swimlane streamlines your incident response through alerts and automated workflows.

Swimlane’s SOAR platform helps organizations manage the growing volume of alerts more efficiently by automating time-consuming incident response processes. The solution collects security alert data from previously disparate security platforms and automatically responds to alerts using automated workflows and playbooks. It is also designed to centralize data coming back from investigation tools to allow security teams the ability to view all applicable details right from within Swimlane. The Swimlane platform is currently integrated with Active Directory, Azure, Cloud Application Security, Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Exchange, Graph API, Office 365, and Windows Instrumentation Management. Some use cases we have seen addressed with Swimlane and Microsoft include automated EDR using MDATP, investigating alerts with Azure, or assisting with incident response using Microsoft's Graph API. Swimlane was founded and designed to deliver scalable innovative security solutions to organizations struggling with alert fatigue, vendor proliferation, and chronic staffing shortages. The users that will benefit from Swimlane the most are typically part of (or managing) a large security team, an analyst, or those looking to automate within a very complex or robust environment. This means Swimlane can really be added to any kind of business, but we have seen a lot of success working with those in the Power & Utility, Financial Services, Retail, and Healthcare spaces.   One of Swimlanes main goals is to help address the pain points medium and large companies face as they manage their cyber security. We have heard a lot from companies drowning in alerts, security teams that cannot hire enough help, and/or teams with an inability to work efficiently using so many silo'd products. Using the power of Swimlane and Microsoft combined, these issues can all be helped or addressed. Automation will cut down on the total number of alerts that need to be manually resolved, that then allows current team members too be more effective, and Swimlane integrations help connect most or all of your stack via our integrations. Talk with us today about setting up automated workflows around alerts, ways automation can assist your current staff, or how Swimlanes integrations can help connect your environment.

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