TAAP Healthcare - Discharge Management System

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TAAP Healthcare Discharge Management System

The TAAP Healthcare Discharge Management System (DMS) removes paper and spreadsheets, allows data to be captured in real time and allows healthcare professionals to make actionable decisions based on real time data. TAAP DMS allows hospitals to not only go fully digital but it is already aligned to reporting KPIs, reducing administrative reporting burden.

With this solution hospitals are able to see in real time their entire ward and bed view of all patients, complex patients, real time bed availability, are able to share this information with Local Authorities and Social Care Workers, have a view of DTOC’s, and from this help get patients back home or into secondary care more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

DMS improves the operational flow of the hospital delivering significant time and cost savings. It simplifies the process of communicating patient data in real time and most importantly helps get the patient home more quickly therefore improving patient care.

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