TAAP Visitor Book

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TAAP Visitor Book is a solution for every organisation that wants a digital touchless Visitor Book

TAAP Visitor Book is a solution for every organisation of any size that wants a digital contactless visitor book that eliminates the need to touch a pen, paper visitor book, or digital kiosk. Visitor's can sign in and out, safely and securely by simply scanning a QR code using their own phones. Visitor Book does not require any new hardware.

Visitor Book's streamlines the sign in process for visitors, employees, contractors etc. Visitor Book is suitable across many verticals including offices, constructionretail, hospitality, schools and sports clubs. It provides multi-site visibility of visitors across an organisation.

The web portal allows reception to easily view visitor's details as they sign in, all in real time. The data collected can be tailored to the organisations needs with configurable input fields including visiting person name, visitor's name, visitor car registration, visitor photo, visitor special assistance and site or location specific checklists. With Secure ID activated, all personal identifiable information except the visitor’s name are hidden within the portal providing additional security for users.

From only £55 per month
Be up and running within 15 minutes

Visitor Book Key Features and Benefits:
  • Contactless, fast, efficient and secure alternative to a traditional visitor sign in book
  • Fully touchless bringing hygiene to the forefront
  • Visitor Tracking
  • GDPR compliant. Privacy assured
  • Free mobile app. No upfront hardware investment required.
  • Visitor sign in on their own device using web app or downloadable app
  • Digital Visitor Badge that can be saved to the Visitor's phone
  • Badge Off feature that allows organisations on set up to decide whether a visitor badge is generated when a visitor signs in
  • Attended & unattended receptions
  • Track visitor movement for added on site security
  • Microsoft Office appointment integration
  • Instant automated notification upon visitor's sign in
  • Configurable data field capture
  • Printable identification badge capability
  • Scalable from 1 site to many

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