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The world’s first blockchain-enabled Communications Platform as a Service (or CPaaS)

Wisely™ is a Communication Platform as a Service, (CPaaS) offering a digital marketplace for enterprises and suppliers, with a global edge-to-edge network delivering private, secure and trusted customer experiences. 


The platform is designed from the ground up to be the most secure, transparent, privacy enabled and scalable communications system. Conceptualised to rectify the gaps in existing ecosystems, the platform’s transformative features will help you improve on all your business’ KPIs including cost, QoS, compliance and more. 


There are two facets to the platform, the Wisely Network and the Wisely Marketplace.

The Wisely Network: Protect customer data and say goodbye to spam. 

The platform provides a fully managed end-to-end secured network with state-of-the-art encryption powered by patented cryptographic algorithms, to overcome the data security and privacy challenges. 


The Wisely Marketplace: Creating an ecosystem of trust

The platform provides an immutable audit trail (Single Source of Truth) through the implementation of blockchain to address the challenge of counterfeit CDRs, frauds, and disputes.


Developed with a world-leading partner.

Drawing on patented technology developed by Tanla Platforms, Wisely is a result of ongoing collaboration with Microsoft Consulting. Audited by industry-leading cybersecurity firm NCC Group, Wisely is not just at the cutting-edge of the CPaaS ecosystem, it has been certified as safe by the best in the business.


The Wisely advantage. Powered by Blockchain.

Single source of truth - “Centrally Available” communication records written into Blockchain by stakeholders provide accurate information about the status of the communication.

Eliminates counterfeit records - Wisely enables a Trusted Network ensuring no counterfeit call data records/DNs are generated by intermediaries as all records are written into the Blockchain by Telcos bringing immutable recording and complete transparency.

Zero dispute reports - Tanla Verified, Zero Dispute settlement reports generated from Blockchain ledgers to enable settlement with your partners/suppliers.

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