TKDialogs: Customer Services Made Easy

Видавець: Team Knowledge Limited

Custom user interfaces for call agents, sales and website self-service

TKDialogs provides role-specific, logic-driven user interfaces that lead users step-by-step through a pre-defined process - enabling users to work the way they need, to deliver efficient customer services.

TKDialogs is used across a wide range of organizations, including healthcare, education, local and regional government, not for profit, banking, technical support, property services and financial services.

Typical uses are for inbound and outbound call guides (e.g. sales qualification, customer services, issue logging), customer/partner self-service websites and anywhere an intuitive, consistent user interface is required.

The responsive, browser-based pages can be deployed across a range of devices, on standalone web pages or embedded in CRM forms to give controlled access to your data.

TKDialogs user interfaces provide seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and other data sources.

Key Features

  • A single user interface, providing access to all CRM data, other data sources and relevant business knowledge
  • Simple “read and click” interface to guide users through even the most complex of processes with minimal training
  • TKDialogs pages adapt dynamically based on user input, CRM data and your business logic

Trial Experience

This TKDialogs trial provides access to sample applications for the sale of insurance products, to illustrate the TKDialogs end user experience:

  • Website lead capture: using TKDialogs to capture details from a potential customer and create corresponding records in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Outbound call guide from Microsoft Dynamics 365: a sales qualification process to follow up the previously captured lead, including integration with external data sources

Full instructions are included.

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