Sayint Contact Center Intelligence

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Sayint transforms customer conversations into smart insights & helps Organizations provide better CX

Sayint is Tech Mahindra’s Speech Analytics platform which uses cutting-edge AI, ML and NLP to uncover meaningful insights from customer conversations. These insights can be used by Organizations to develop, automate or improve key business functions/decisions and create better experience for their customers.

Sayint Conversational Analytics helps companies make sense out of the enormous repositories of customer interaction data across various channels. This enables key stakeholders better understand and serve their customers and make decisions based on objectively scored data.

Key Features

Automated Audit and Compliance Monitoring

Sayint helps organizations audit 100% of their Contact center conversations across various customer support channels such as Call recordings as opposed to 2-3% manual audit. The platform also ensures call centers stay compliant to regulatory and organization-wide compliance measures and helps reduce the risk of penalties.

Sayint performs PII and PCI information masking and redaction from audio calls and transcripts to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Agent Performance Monitoring

Sayint helps monitor the quality of interactions between organizations and their customers and automatically creates Agent QA scorecards confirming agent adherence to business processes and to identify training and knowledge gaps. It also provides in-depth insights to consistently improve agent performance which directly impacts customer satisfaction, retention and brand reputation.

Key Benefits

Customer Experience

From capturing key metrics like C-SAT, NPS and CES based on industry benchmarks to showing customer reviews, Sayint scores every customer interaction and identifies intent, sentiment and overall journey satisfaction. Thus, Sayint helps Organizations deliver a superior customer experience.

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