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Transform your employees' workstations into internal communication channels

Organizations need to keep in touch with, informconnect and unite their employees. The increase in mobility and remote working have made it even more important for companies to have effective internal communication. Nowadays, there is no lack of means of communication. Employees are inundated with various sources of information: intranet, corporate social network, emails, new collaborative tools, etc. Internal communication is often lost and employees miss important information. Thanks to Channels, inform and communicate with your employees in a targeted waydirectly at their workstation, wherever they are, without changing their habits, nor adding an additional tool. It allows communication through several channels on the workstation, including: notification pushlock screen or background.

Notifications: Broadcast targeted information to your employees, on demand

  • Sending notifications to the workstation
  • The employee decides to find out more or to close this notification
  • By clicking on the link, mediadocumentsare launched on the workstation

Lock screens: Inform your employees, several times a day, without disrupting their work

  • The Windows lock screen is seen many times during the day by all employees
  • Communicate through non-urgent repeated messages (images, text) by customizing the log in page (lockscreen)

Backgrounds: Manage, standardize and update backgrounds

  • Backgrounds are visible by the collaborators but also by the people sharing their screens in meetings: colleagues, customers,...
  • Managing wallpapers makes it possible to meet two key needs :
    • Inform employees
    • Convey a company image, internally and externally

Alerts: Alert your collaborators!

  • Deliver your priority or urgent messages on the workstations

    • This information is pushed in real time on the workstation and will override any other application, making the message unmissable (evacuation, security alert etc.).

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