TelluCare Digital Supervision

Видавець: Tellu Iot AS

Enables camera and video based remote digital supervision in primary care.


Physical supervision of care recipients may be time consuming and resource intensive at times. Not only for the caregiver, who from time to time may face situations where the patient is sleeping . The patient on her or his side, may also find some of the visits disturbing as they for example may be asleep when being visited.  

Introducing camera based digital supervision, health personnel can perform regular visits via camera without physically being present, to check if everything is fine with the patient. Even without the patient being aware of this. The solution can also be configured to alert if the patient moves out of a defined area of the room (e.g. out of bed, door or chair) or notify based on defined sounds in the patient's room. 

In such cases, and in the event of an incident, the health personnel receives a notification in their mobile application. This will again trigger a video stream to open seamlessly so that the caregiver can see the situation around the patient via the camera. Certain patients due to their condition require continuous supervision. The solution can also be used for this. 


Camera based remote digital supervision is is an excellent way of optimizing resources by offering the opportunity to avoid often unnecessary travel to and from patients. Even more, our service enables one caregiver to watch over multiple patients at the same time. It is also possible to anonymize the images displayed in the camera if, for example, for privacy reasons it is not desirable to display high-quality images.  

Digital supervision opens for the possibility that the patient can live longer at home and return home sooner from stays in nursing homes or hospitals. Caregivers can also detect and avert potential unrest early on and thus have less need to take damage-preventing measures. In this way, the use of health professional expertise is also more targeted at the patient with real needs, because the need for, for example, physical supervision at night is reduced. In home care services transport needs will also be reduced by reducing the number of physical visits. Furthermore, the solution is well suited for use in nursing homes and different types of municipal dwellings.


The service is implemented on the basis of the guidelines of the Data Protection Authority both in terms of data security and privacy. All data transfer (image or video stream) is encrypted. No data is saved. The system automatically logs who has performed the supervision, when and how long it lasted, and which patient has been supervised.

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