GaliEye Retail Intelligence

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GaliEye Retail Intelligence - Unlock Analytic Insights to Grow your Business

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In today's ever evolving retail marketplace, immediate access to the business insights contained within current product and customer data provide retailers with a significant competitive advantage. GaliEye Retail Intelligence harnesses the power of Microsoft's Cloud Computing platform and the Cortana Intelligence Suite to unlock these insights and deliver them directly to your desktop or mobile device. GaliEye Retail Intelligence answers question such as:

• How does my online presence compare to my competitors?

• What do customers like/dislike about my retail site?

• What is my business' reputation on social media?

• What do customers think about my current products?

• Which of my products do they like best/least and why?

• Are there different products they prefer to any of my offerings?

• Are my Quality, Price, and Service competitive?

• Does my company have a growing issue I need to address?

GaliEye Retail Intelligence works online to seamlessly search for and harvest relevant retail data. This data is then categorized, analyzed, and incorporated into your company's private reporting platform; providing you with up to date insights and customer sentiment analysis derived directly from relevant product and customer data. No PhD in data science required! All GaliEye Retail Intelligence processes are fully automated and require no user interaction.

To provide your business with cognitive retail insights and a competitive business advantage, ask for a free trial of GaliEye Retail Intelligence Today!